• A sunny outlook for Villa Plus

    Understanding user behaviour boosts website traffic by 95%

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  • £68,000,000 raised, without a hitch

    How does one of the UK’s biggest charities cope with traffic spikes?

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  • Happier user experience, visits up 19%

    How can valuable insight into behaviour improve results?

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  • Clearer insight, conversions up 18%

    How can understanding user behaviour increase revenue?

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What we do

Since 1959, we’ve helped customers uncover the behaviour of people and technology, often with surprising results

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    Keep your customers coming back with pleasant, personalised and frustration-free experiences.

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    Make your apps addictive; understand who your users actually are and what’s working best for them.

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    Prevent operational hitches and wow everyone with the super-smooth deployment of your enterprise application.

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    Make zero defects a reality - test early and test often so you can deliver better applications, faster.

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A Day In The Life

We’re here to offer you easier, happier days at the coalface of digital marketing

  • “I can do my job WAY faster with just one system to manage”

  • “Our most valuable customers? I can show you in a single view”

  • “And it’s simple now to target them with relevant marketing”

  • “Conversions? Up 19% since we personalised our site”

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  • SCL’s obvious expertise in this field made it possible to work under the extreme timeframes within which we have to operate, closely replicating unusual real user traffic patterns.

    Comic Relief

  • SCL consultants were helpful, knowledgeable and experienced, able to understand our unique requirements and convert them into a set of tests that they managed for us which were able to shake out the issues for us to address.

    Kulu Valley

  • Our challenge is to obtain 100% test coverage. This is hard to obtain within reasonable time and cost. SCL helps us to catch the problem areas in our code with excellent support and quick response times.

    Schneider Electric

  • Investment in Netinsight coupled with SCL’s expertise has made a major positive impact on the way we do business at Airmiles and we expect that it will continue to play a vital role in evolving and growing our online business.


  • The bespoke software met the criteria of giving access to front and back-end systems and allowed us to recall the data that we wanted in the format we wanted it in. Coupled with the experience, professionalism and on-going support provided by the team at SCL, we knew we had a winning formula.

    2nd Byte

  • With Oracle Functional Testing, we have reduced our online services regression testing time by 80% and enabled more regular, automated testing to further improve system reliability and stability.

    Forestry Commission

  • SCL’s sales team are first class. They are a delight to do business with, never stretching the truth or being pushy. Very easy to deal with.

    Roke Manor

  • SCL’s expertise combined with the functionality of NetInsight provided us with what we were looking for; an easy-to-use, cost-effective approach to better understand and reach out to our donor community.

    Unicef UK

What's New

SCL in the press

We are pleased to say that we have appeared in the press twice this week. In B2B Marketing with a Blog by one of SCL’s technical consultants, Chris Suarez who specialises in SEO and web analytics.  The Blog is called ‘10 Reasons why SEO is about more than just Keywords‘ and gives 10 key factors the marketer needs to address to enjoy success with Google and other search engines.  Visit B2BMarketing to see the original article…

Latest Tweets

Latest Tweets

Top 10 reasons why #SEO is about more than keywords: #marketers, here's some tips from this informative Blog http://t.co/Ef5Z5hqTUr about 2 weeks ago
Still time to register for 9 July webinar on @JDE Performance testing to ensure business continuity, more here http://t.co/9TIW70d1Ve about 4 weeks ago

From the Blog

Top 10 reasons why SEO is about more than keywords

“We’re no longer number one on Google!”    It’s a common statement I hear on a daily basis. I also regularly hear phrases such as, ‘we’ve been hit with a Google penalty’ or ‘we lost search engine visibility after our website design’. People come to see me for a variety of reasons but there is usually one thing they want to talk about, and that’s keywords. If you want to be found on the internet keywords…