When we began life, our young company used trailblazing technology to help develop some of the first space probes and satellites. All at a time when many homes still didn’t have a TV.

It still feels miraculous

Since then, we have evolved our business model, our name and our products. But our drive to understand and uncover behaviour has never changed.

In the past we used computer simulation to test how systems, including hardware for NASA, and Concorde, would behave.

In the modern world we build solutions that reveal the hidden behaviour of code, websites and customers.


SCL adds the CodeSonar for binaries to its product portfolio and introduces IBM's Customer Experience Analytics products.


SCL adds the Maxymiser MVT solution to it's portfolio to help customers improve conversion rates. SCL achieves Google AdWords partner status.


SCL extends its capability with IBM's marketing software with the Tealeaf customer experience software.


SCL establishes itself as one of IBM’s leading partners in the field of Enterprise Marketing Management and Digital Marketing Optimisation building the first Digital Analytics Accelerator in Europe.


We extend our product portfolio with IBM’s SaaS Digital Analytics technology (Coremetrics).


We launch a hosted performance testing service for companies who need to ensure they are ‘campaign ready’ Used by Comic Relief, Unicef and the 1911 census.


We become an IBM Business Partner, specialising in web analytics.


We extend our digital marketing capability to paid search with a partnership with SearchForce.


We build an analytics solution for one of the UK’s largest Intranets.


We start helping customers detect defects in their code with Grammatech CodeSonar.


We use IBM Netinsight (then known as Nettracker), fall in love with it and add it to our portfolio.


We enhance our testing services to include monitoring of web behaviour and underlying supporting infrastructure.


We work with a number of automotive suppliers and device manufacturers to improve the user interface by recording customer behaviour.


We start testing web applications from the browser. One of the first large scale tests is for UCAS.


We begin our long-standing relationship with Sun Microsystems and later Oracle, changing the way users accessed their desktop applications via a web browser and providing testing services for Java.


We start working with customers to port Unix applications to Windows in CAD/CAM, data mining and data analysis.


We begin to work in X/Windows and Motif user interface design training hundreds of UK developers.


We are considered a pioneer in the field of neural networks, distributing products such as Neural Works Professional II for applications in fingerprint recognition, fault diagnosis and customer segmentation.


Electronic Associates Limited is sold to Scientific Computers Limited. We become SCL.


We carry out the world’s first real-time simulation of a complete Nuclear Power Station – Dungeness “B”.

“Wow! Is that possible?”

So, while much has changed in the world and in our company over the past 50 years, our awe for technology and fascination with behaviour continues:

  • Just as our predecessors revealed how a ‘cat cracker’ would behave under pressure, so we reveal how people behave when they use your mobile app.
  • Just as the original team tested equipment to destruction even before it was built, we put Sport Relief’s website through its paces and ensured it could handle 1,000 donations per second on the night.
  • Just as the 1960s team tested the safety of nuclear power stations, our current solutions are used to test the code for live tanks.
  • Our most common customer comment has always been (and we hope it will always be) – “Wow! Is that possible?”