Crawley, UK, 3 March 2016
SCL, with Verifysoft, are attending the UK Device Developers’ Conference in Cambridge in April 2016. Specially for senior embedded systems developers, we invite you to meet us at the event and hear our presentation on Code Coverage Approaches for Small Embedded Targets.

We’re delighted to attend the UK Device Developers’ Conference in Cambridge, with our partner Verifysoft, on 27 and 28 April. The event is an opportunity for senior embedded systems developers to learn about the latest development technologies for Embedded Systems Software and Real-Time Computing. It’s a Free two-day event offering technical presentations, technical workshops and a vendor exhibition, and will be an opportunity to meet and engage with expert engineers and scientists from the companies that are developing the next generation of tools and technologies.

We will be presenting at the event on 27 April on ‘Code Coverage Approaches for Small Embedded Targets’. The synopsis of the presentation is:

Many of today’s software development projects mandate, through the application of software quality standards such as ISO 26262, DIN EN 61508, EN 50128 and DO 178B/C, that code coverage analysis be performed.

The reason so many industry standards specify the necessity of coverage analysis is because any errors in embedded software can be life-threatening. There is, quite simply, no margin for errors.

Coverage testing can present challenges when it is necessary to perform the analysis directly on the target devices where system resources such as RAM and ROM are low and interfaces to the external world are limited.

This presentation will consider these limitations, outline methods to enable coverage testing in these environments and offer an examination of the effectiveness of different coverage levels when applied to a codebase with special attention to small embedded targets. In addition, we’ll review key information about Safety Standards and the related coverage levels that they recommend.

For more information about the conference visit UK Device Developers’ Conference. Or to see the current agenda visit their Presentations area.