SCL announces the UK release of version 7.0 of the SearchForce performance-based technology for managing paid search and social media campaigns.

The release includes a wide range of additional updates; each designed to help advertisers manage the growing complexity of paid campaigns more effectively, profitably and efficiently.

New features include:

Additional Support for Enhanced Campaigns:

  • Ad-group level bid adjustments
  • New multi-point optimization for enhanced campaign
  • Upgraded site links support

Portfolio Enhancements:

  • Enhanced portfolio workflow
  • Product target optimization

Reporting Enhancements:

  • Excel dashboards: In addition to web-query reports, new reporting capabilities allow advertisers to link Excel dashboards to reporting templates, to create highly customized user defined views of data

Automated Campaign Builder (ACB) Enhancements:

  • Enable the use of the same Auto-Campaign Builder configuration to build campaigns across multiple publisher accounts
  • Dynamic setting of activation and deactivation date for creatives