Crawley, UK, 1 April 2016.
SCL announces the beta release of new way to help on-line retailers improve conversion rates on touch screen devices.

PPE Technology improves conversion rates

Following on from Apples new 3D Touch capability, the technology helps marketers determine a visitors product interest in their products and services by detecting the change in moisture on the users’ fingers when they are browsing their web site. This information can allow the automatic recommendation of products that are of most interest to users, which in turn improves conversions.

Alan Hall, Managing Director at SCL said, “It’s well documented that when we get excited our palms get ‘sweaty’. We have used that to detect the underlying change is capacitance on the touch screens during a users session on a web site or when using an app to determine a ‘Potential Product Excitement’ (PPE) rating”

The PPE rating is captured using standard tagging and app instrumentation mechanisms and is then used to score a users interest in a particular product or services. This information can then be used to provide recommendations to customers in real time to improve conversion rates.