SCL is a UK partner for Apteligent’s mobile app customer experience management solutions, providing consulting expertise, insights and first line support for our customers.

The phenomenal growth of eCommerce using smartphones and tablets use makes it imperative to have in place an effective mobile user experience strategy.

As the world’s leading mobile application intelligence solution, Apteligent forms an essential part of that strategy, providing a complete view into crashes, services, and mobile transactions that impact the user experience, allowing you to reduce the time to resolve any performance issues.

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Understand the App Experience

With SCL’s expertise you’ll gain unrivalled insight into the experience your mobile app users are experiencing enabling your teams to manage and monitor the mobile experience – with ease.

SCL’s SaaS solution for monitoring every aspect of mobile app performance, which provides a real-time global view of app and user transaction metrics across iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, HTML 5 or NDK. The real-time insight provided by our solution will allow you to increase user retention and engagement, and reduce mean time to resolution for service outages and crashes.

A Critical Tool to Understand Customer Experience

Apteligent enables enterprises to accelerate their mobile business, as a critical tool for any business whose revenue, reputation or customer retention is tied to the mobile user experience.

It empowers digital marketing teams with crucially important capabilities for monitoring and managing and enhancing that experience.

Complementary Solutions

What’s more, you can combine it with other leading capabilities delivered by SCL, such as IBM Digital Analytics or Google Analytics for driving deeper customer engagement, IBM Tealeaf customer experience software, IBM Silverpop for targeted campaigns, and more.

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