SCL is SearchForce’s European partner for its Search Engine Marketing platform. We use this to help both agencies and digital marketing managers deliver highly effective PPC campaigns.

Using SearchForce from SCL, you’ll get a customizable and scalable pay-per-click management and bid optimization platform, enabling you to manage your large-scale, online marketing campaigns. That includes a localized platform to suit your organisation, with support for multiple languages, time zones and currency.

Chosen for our pedigree

Selected by SearchForce because of our pedigree in marketing systems and website-to-mobile, SCL is proud of its track record in helping organisations achieve the best PPC performance, bringing to bear the full potential of SearchForce in delivering higher returns on campaign at a lower cost, and with less work.

Save hours of time managing even the most complex campaigns

In line with Searchforce’s mission, SCL will save you hours of time managing even the most complex campaigns, over one convenient hosted platform that gives you the power to optimize your organisation’s PPC performance.
SearchForce enables you to track, manage and measure campaigns effectively across multiple media outlets. With Searchforce you:

  • Have one easy User Interface across all your Search platforms.
  • Choose the goals you want to micro-manage your campaigns.
  • Can easily migrate campaigns from one platform to another.

SearchForce customers

Customers include Yellow Pages, Progressive,, Deutsch Inc, Experian and many others – they all use SearchForce to manage millions of dollars in PPC spending across millions of keywords – without high cost or needless complexity. SearchForce is also used by some of the largest agencies, online advertisers and brands.

SearchForce: one impressive platform that gives you an edge

Based on sophisticated financial modeling techniques, SearchForce optimizes performance across multiple objectives.

Maximize traffic, increase conversions, build brand awareness, and more. There’s no need to hire additional staff, and no steep learning curve. Search Force deploys in one day or less.

Today, SearchForce gives dozens of the world’s largest companies one seamless, integrated automated solution to optimize bidding across all major search engines with full synchronization and sophisticated reporting tools. Find out more.