SCL partnered with Verifysoft to provide some of the most extensive code coverage software on the market, capable of supporting any compiler and target system.

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Testwell CTC++ is the ideal tool to analyse the code coverage of your embedded targets and microcontrollers. It can be used on hosts as well as the smallest targets with a very small instrumentation overhead. Testwell CTC++ works with any compiler/cross compiler.

Testwell CTC++ is the leading Code Coverage Tool for measuring Code Coverage on host and all embedded targets (even very small ones), with any compiler.  Testwell CTC++ can be used with codebases in C,C++, C# and Java.

Testwell CTC++ supports:

  • Statement Coverage
  • Function Coverage
  • Decision Coverage/Branch Coverage
  • Condition Coverage
  • Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC)
  • Multicondition Coverage (MCC)

Qualification Kit for Safety Standards

Simplify all certification processes of your projects by using the Qualification Kit for Testwell CTC++.  The Testwell CTC++ Qualification Kit  is compliant to Safety Standards including:

  • DO 178-C / ED-12C (Aerospace)– Software for use in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification
  • EN 50128 (Rail) -Railway applications – Communication, signalling and processing systems
  • IEC 61508 (electronic safety-related systems) – Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic Program- mable Electronic Safety-related Systems
  • ISO 26262 (Automotive) – Road vehicles – Functional safety

Testwell CTC++ can also be used to support software development against IEC 62304 (Medical) and IEC 60880 (Nuclear Power) standards.


The Blog

Using Testwell CTC++ with TI Code Composer

In this post I am showing how to instument your code for Testwell CTC++ code coverage from the Texas Instruments Code Composer Interface


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20/07/2017 at 11:00

Defects and Vulnerabilities – Analysing third party binaries

This webinar explores the difficulty facing all static analysis tools that need to analyse third party or external modules that are unavailable in source code form.

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Testwell CTC++ 8 Minute Video

Watch this short video for an introduction to TestWell CTC++.

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