Villa Plus made the switch from Google Analytics to IBM’s Digital Analytics (formerly Coremetrics) four years ago, but realised they were not using the software to its full potential. A change in Villa Plus’ marketing team sparked a desire to track and target customers more effectively and highlighted a technology skills gap that prompted the team to connect with SCL.

Specifically, Villa Plus was about to launch a new TV campaign, and wanted to ensure that it would be able to track the ad’s impact on their web traffic.


SCL delivered a two-day training and consultancy package on Digital Analytics for Villa Plus’ marketing and development teams – including six members based in India. The trainees identified a list of what they needed to measure the impact of the TV campaign and gain a better overall understanding of how Villa Plus’s customers interacted with the brand.


As a result of their work with SCL, Villa Plus has been able to better understand what drives its customers and how they are interacting — and booking – with the website. Following their training and consulting session, Villa Plus:

  • increased its overall traffic (sessions) by 95% year on year, while keeping a similar bounce rate.
  • increased the number of new visitors by 118%.
  • increased its revenue by 36%.

They say:

We could not have achieved these results without SCL’s help. The expertise, guidance and hands-on training we received from the team not only allowed us to achieve greater value and better understand our IBM Digital Analytics implementation, but has helped us to better understand and engage with our customers. We will certainly engage SCL’s services again in future.

Alejandro Hidalgo of Villa Plus

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