As specialists in vehicle on-board systems, the ACTIA Group’s fleet management team works with vehicle manufacturers and fleet managers to provide on-board systems to track vehicles, ensuring they adhere to stringent quality, safety and environmental standards. With the help of SCL, ACTIA implemented CodeSonar to ensure the quality and performance of these devices by tackling any code defects or bugs early in the development cycle – saving time and money as a result.


The ACTIA Group is a global network of companies specialising in automotive electronics and diagnostics. The company prides itself on its in-house development team, dedicated to building products for the automotive industry. The department specialises in engineering integrated on-board systems such as telematics, driver feedback systems, instrumentation, CCTV, audio-video equipment and digital tachographs, which record speed, distance and driver activity.

ACTIA wanted to improve the quality of its embedded on-board devices for fleet management.  By enabling these devices to communicate better with other devices and vehicles in their fleet, it would be possible to significantly enhance ACTIA’s overall fleet management offering.  To achieve this objective, the team needed to get to the root of the issue and improve the quality of the code behind the devices.

Cleaning up code 

ACTIA’s in-house development team recognised that identifying code defects and errors during the development cycle would help to improve the quality of the code and ultimately the devices themselves.  With this in mind, the team looked at a variety of static testing solutions including Klocwork and CodeSonar, both of which allow developers to identify and fix bugs throughout the development process.

Sharing the benefits

The benefits of using CodeSonar have not gone un-noticed by other development teams within the ACTIA.  The product is now to be used in other development project.

“We are very pleased with our choice to work with SCL and CodeSonar,” said Cyril Rochard. “CodeSonar has allowed us to significantly reduce bug-related problems and improve the overall quality of our devices. Our customers are very happy with the improvements and other areas of our own business are keen to start using it as well.”

Cyril Rochard, deputy general manager at ACTIA ITALIA

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