AIRMILES, the popular travel loyalty scheme, wanted more insight into their customer behaviour to optimise their marketing.


We helped them radically enhance their marketing analytics with Netinsight. They were able to use this new understanding customer behaviour to improve conversions.


They were able to reduce online errors by 50% and by improving the customer journey, increase revenue too. Personalisation too, is now possible:

Using the analysis from web analytics, we can combine customer profile information with the search data from previous site visits to more accurately target offers to our customers.

Stephen Scott, Online Marketing team, AIRMILES.

They say:

Investment in NetInsight coupled with SCL’s expertise has made a major positive impact on the way we do business at AIRMILES and we expect that it will continue to play a vital role in evolving and growing our online business.

Jukka Kamarainen, Technical Consultant, AIRMILES.

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