IBM Digital Analytics has very recently added support for the new Digital Data Layer (DDL).

DDL is a mechanism for exposing your web analytics data via a standardised JavaScript object.  The final report of the W3C working group of this specification was released in Dec 2013 and it is hoped that it will adopted as an industry standard. This blog shows how to deploy IBM Digital Analytics tags using the new Digital Data Layer.

To fire the Digital Analytics/Coremetrics tags by utilising the digital data layer you need to make use of the IBM tag management tool: Digital Data Exchange (DDX). Once you have included the IBM Digital Analytics JavaScript library on your site pages you can utilise DDX to deploy your chosen tags.  In this example we will deploy the tags to our site search page:

1. Create a page group in DDX

A page group allows you to deploy page tags to multiple pages by using the same page identifier, for example using a URL segment or a JavaScript object attribute.


Edit page Group: Name, Cateogry and Container

Edit Page Group, page rules

Edit Page Group pg 2 – Page rules screenshot 

2. Choose Tags

Choose which tags you wish to fire on that page but adding them from the list.  In this example we will be adding the DDL Page View tags.

Default Container tags

Edit Page Group – Default Container Tags screenshot

3. Create a DDL Object

On your search results page you create a DDL object that will surface the data required for the web analytics tags.

4. Deploy

Deploy your page group to test first which pushes your page groups out to the DDX CDN.  In DDX go to Deployment menu -> Deployment and move your page group into the Selected Page Groups list, then click Deploy. It may take a little time to propagate.

5. Test

Then when you access the search page you will see the digital analytics page tag firing.  You can use the built in Test Tool in DDX, the Coremetrics TagBar tool or a http sniffer like HttpFox to see the page tag and its data firing to the Digital Analytics data collection environment.

The DDX tag management utility makes it easy to deploy almost any tag to your site.  There are many partners whose tags are directly supported or you can add your own custom JavaScript.

Hope this helps in utilising DDX and DDL in your tagging efforts.