Learn about the last 26 years of search engine history in this infographic and have a better understanding of what has influenced today’s search landscape.

Search engines have been around for 26 years (if you count Archie as the first search engine); without their crawling, indexing and ranking capabilities the internet would still be a very place difficult to navigate.

This post will review the major search engine developments in past 26 years. By knowing more about its history, competition, acquisitions and mergers, we have a better idea of where search engines are going.

While Google (originally called “Backrub”), was relatively late to the search engine space, they have raised the bar and have set expectations in terms of what users expect from useful search results. Google specific updates will be reserved for a separate post as there was simply too much information to include in this Blog post.

The infographic below covers the major search engines and directories which have influenced the way that websites are crawled, indexed and retrieved today.


There will be a series of Future Blog posts on SEO, these will include i) Google Updates, ii) Penalties and iii) how we see the future of Search Engine technology.


Wikipedia was the primary source of information for Infographic