It’s a common requirement to re-target a group of visitors to your web site based on their behaviour.

For example, you may want to send an email to visitors who abandoned a purchase or you want to send an appropriate offer to visitors who have previously purchased a specific product or spent an amount above a specific threshold. IBM Digital Analytics has several segmentation features including one called ‘Profile Segments’ to achieve the above aim.

Using Profile Segments to re-target visitors

Segmentation is a method of grouping visitors with particular characteristics/attributes and or behaviours. It is typically used to analyse visitor groups for the purpose of identifying opportunities, common characteristics and for focused marketing efforts.

Profile segmentation in Digital Analytics allows you define visitors based on criteria such as recency, monetary value, frequency, pages viewed, items abandoned or purchased and more. Moreover, profile segments allow you to analyse the cross session behaviour of your visitors. Once created, a series of reports are available about these visitors including top level metrics, items purchased and detailed visit clickstreams. In addition you can choose to output the email addresses of these visitors in either csv or xml format to act as an input to a retargeting marketing campaign.

Creating a Profile Segment

The Profile Segment list is available in the Reports -> Demographics area of the left hand menu in the IBM Digital Analytics user interface. There is a wizard that walks you through the creation of a new profile segment.

Profile Segments

In this example we will create a profile segment called ‘Big Spenders’ because we wish to retarget/analyse those users that spend above a certain amount, e.g. more than £200.

To begin the profile segment process click the ‘Create New Segment’ button. Enter a name for the profile segment; in this case we call it ‘Big Spenders’. Also, enter a date range for analysis of this group of visitors. The date range for segmentation and reporting can be different if required, which allows you to segment visitors based on criteria for one month and report on these visitors activity in another month.

Creating a profile segment

Click ‘Next’.
Enter the criteria that define this group of users. In this case ‘Big Spenders’ are defined as those visitors that spent between £200 and £300

.Creating a segment - Step 2

Click ‘Next’.
Choose the reports you wish to output for this group of visitors. Also, select the format you want the email address list created in. Then click ‘Create Segment’.

Create Segment Step 3

The segment will then be processed and once the Status has changed to ‘Active’ it will be available to access in the profile segment list. The Actions column will include an icon to download the list of email addresses for this visitor segment.

Profile Segments - Big Spenders 2

Once you have the email addresses of these visitors you can provide them to your email marketing team to provide relevant offers via email or as part of a nurturing email communication schedule.
By accessing the profile segment you can find top line metrics about this group of visitors, along with details of products purchased and individual clickstreams.

Profile Segments - Big Spenders 3


Profile segments are a powerful, but often under-utilised, tool to provide insights about groups of your web site visitors and their characteristics. The output from this kind of analysis can be used to power your targeted digital communications.