If you use landing page instrumentation for reporting in web analytics tools like IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics),  Adobe SiteCatalyst or WebTrends but also want to report on campaign traffic in Google Analytics you will need to extract your campaign parameters from the query string and use a custom dimension in Google Analytics.

For example, if you use IBM Digital Analytics your campaign tracking parameter is cm_mmc so your landing page URL could look like this:

Of course, IBM Digital Analytics will automatically use this four level campaign hierarchy in the Marketing Programs reports where your KPIs (sessions, visitors, bounce rate, revenue etc) are broken out by the campaign tracking parameters. However, Google Analytics won’t because it does not adhere to the standard utm_ parameters it uses for campaign tracking.

To integrate your other campaign tracking parameters with Google Analytics when using Google Tag Manager you can use the following process:

1.     In Google Tag Manager create new user-defined variable

Google Tag Manager Screen 1

In the example above the variable cm_mmc will be populated with the value of the cm_mmc parameter, e.g. Email-_-City_Break_Campaign-_-VIP_Email-_-Discount15.

2.    In your Google Analytics property settings create custom dimension:

Google Tag Manager Screen 2


Note: if you wish to break out metrics like Revenue using this custom dimension the scope should be set to Session).

Google Tag Manager Screen 3

Make a note of the index allocated to the dimension you created.

3.    In Google Tag Manager edit your Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) page view tag. In Configure Tag -> More Settings -> Custom Dimensions add a new custom dimension.  In my example, I would use the following settings:

Google Tag Manager Screen 4

That’s it!  Now you will be able to use the Marketing Program as a secondary dimension in your Google Analytics reports.  Moreover, you can create a Google Analytics custom report which uses Marketing Program as the primary dimension and your chosen KPIs.