In today’s multi-channel highly digital market, you need to understand almost every aspect of customer behaviour. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘360 degree marketing’. Our short webinars advise on integrating customer experience tools, such as cart abandonment, web analytics, mobile push technologies and more, to impact your bottom line, customer relationships and brand loyalty.

‘360 marketing’ – it might be a seasoned term, but in our fast-moving digital world, it’s taken on a new depth of meaning. Be it face-to-face, email, social media or telephone – today’s business imperative is to record the complete array of customer touch-points.

Only then can you gain a one-to-one understanding of each customer, gaining the ability to act on rapidly available insights to positively impact your bottom line. Not only that, you’ll be able to drive superior customer relationships and loyalty programs.

Breaking down the barriers

So what’s stopping you? At SCL, as experts in the area with multiple clients, we’ve helped organisations to break down the barriers to 360 degree marketing, such as:

  • Silos of data
  • Siloed business functions
  • Inertia and inability to move data quickly to where it’s needed

Personalised Marketing

Thanks to years of experience and expertise, we’ll help you bring together the data you need. Then we’ll make sure it gets to where it needs to be, so that you’re marketing to individuals not wide audiences.

We’ll make a 360 degree view and personalisation easier by automating the customer experience based on insights from data – whether social, web, email or mobile activity.

That might mean combing your analytics data with data in your CRM data, for example, so you can engage personally with customers at a time that means something to them, based on identified behaviours and preferences.

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SCL is one of the first independent organisations in the UK to be driving an integrated 360 degree multi-channel experience, using technologies like IBM Marketing Cloud built on Silverpop technology, Digital Analytics and Tealeaf.

So why not hear more about it first hand? Watch a recording of the webinar.