A one hour Webinar on Tuesday 9 December 2014 for the Automotive industry on code coverage for ISO26262 on embedded targets.

This event has taken place.  Please visit our resources section to see a recording of the webinar.

You’re under pressure to develop software and devices faster and cheaper and need to ensure you have a thorough testing regime in place.

Errors in embedded software can be life-threatening. With no margin for error, it’s critical that your software development adopts a rigorous approach to compliance, the automotive international industry safety standard ISO 26262. Only through such stringent professional practices can you be sure of achieving acceptable levels of safety.

That demands significant software testing and proof of code coverage. We’ll show you how to face up to the challenge of ensuring Code Coverage for embedded targets. And we’ll make sure you can drastically reduce the requirement for additional RAM memory, with technology proven in use by Audi, BMW, Daimler, Mercedes-Benz R&D, Volkswagen AG and many other prestigious names.

We’ll address:
• Code Coverage on embedded targets
• Practical example of a Code Coverage tool Testwell CTC++
• Qualification Kit for Testwell CTC++ (ISO 26262)

Join us for this informative one-hour Webinar. To register, please complete the form opposite.