Managing the customer experience in a multi-device, omni-channel and mobile world is critical to competitiveness and bottom line success. This webinar takes you through the technologies and shows how to deliver an exceptional customer experience – first time, every time.

From landing on the website through the full customer journey, there’s a lot that can go wrong! This webinar shows some of the technologies that can assure you deliver an exceptional customer experience – first time and every time.

The first part of the journey is to ensure your website doesn’t fail at the first hurdle, whether you’re launching it, performing a technology refresh or launching a new marketing campaign. Be sure you’re confident in your website’s robustness and ability at performing at the highest levels.

Of course, it’s not just about the website. It’s about delivering the first-time and every-time leading-edge customer experience by providing deep insight into the interactions of individual customers. That includes the personalised, appropriate targeting through to the awareness of struggle trends, discovery of sources of experience friction and quantified business impact.

These deep insights enable companies to answer the most compelling, yet difficult questions that plague marketing, merchandising, e-commerce and customer service departments. End result? Simple: personalisation, enhanced customer loyalty and a boost to the bottom line.

Just some benefits of attending the webinar include:

  • How to avoid downtime on your website
  • What customers really think about their experience
  • Why customers are lost during the customer journey and how to micro and macro-identify these groups for onward marketing
  • some new technology to retarget, remarket and personalise the customer experience
  • How to increase web and mobile conversion rates
  • Customer experience analytics in the cloud for reduced up-front costs and time to deployment.
  • How to improve customer retention and brand loyalty.

This webinar is free and lasts 45 minutes. Please register to reserve your place.