This webinar explores the difficulty facing all static analysis tools that need to analyse third party or external modules that are unavailable in source code form.

The consequence of this lack of visibility is a reduction in the effectiveness of the analysis at the source/binary boundary. The result is less bugs discovered in your C/C++, not to mention the permanent issue of having to have blind faith that the binary code is reliable.

As part of the webinar we will showcase the new CodeSonar static analysis software for mixed mode binary and source code analysis, which overcomes this problem.

In the webinar we will show Codesonar discovering buffer overruns in source and the equivalent in the compiled binary as well as how problems discovered in the binary code can be simpler to appreciate than in their C/C++ form. We will then see how a “Mixed mode”, C calling into binary problem is presented, and then round up by showing how we can graphically visualise the architecture and dependencies between all the elements of a mixed C/C++/Binary application, and then overlay on that a heat map displaying various informative metrics such as entry points of tainted data into the system and its propagation through to potential misuse.