Learn from our webinar how to effectively find coding defects using static analysis.  As the UK’s CodeSonar solutions provider, SCL’s webinar will explore the benefits of using static analysis software.

What tools and best practice will deliver a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to defects in code? You’ll hear about the various tool options available and how to compare the risks and implications of deploying no tooling and the ‘perfect’ tool for finding defects.


By pinpointing defects in your source code, GrammaTech’s CodeSonar software digs out the critical, high impact, defects developers often find impossible to spot, preventing errors at source

You’ll be able to hear about its leading static analysis software, which is the best SCL has ever found for finding critical coding defects with a low false positive rate. It’s designed to detect defects such as data races, deadlocks, buffer overruns, leaks, null-pointer de-references, uses of uninitialized variables, and other security vulnerabilities that are famously tough to find.

Because it’s used as part of your development cycle, without you having to modify your code, you can dig out and fix these bugs while you work, preventing catastrophe and more work later.


We’ll explain how you can quickly and easily deploy CodeSonar as part of your build process, creating an abstract model of your code which is then analysed to find potential defects. You can perform a whole-program analysis of millions of lines of C, C++ and Java source code.


We will conclude with a brief product demonstration of CodeSonar.