A short webinar that showcases IBM Marketing Cloud, a powerful behavioural marketing automation and email marketing solution driving an integrated 360 degree multi-channel experience.

Design a journey your customers want to take.

As a leading IBM Premier Business Partner, SCL is one of the first independent organisations in the UK to be driving an integrated 360 degree multi-channel experience using IBM Marketing Cloud built on Silverpop technology. Hear more in our new webinar.


As a leading behavioural automated marketing platform, IBM’s Marketing Cloud is for the smart marketer who wants to market to individuals rather than wide audiences, making personalisation easier by automating the customer experience based on insights drawn from data – such as social, web, email and mobile activity.


Armed with insights, you’ll be able to use profiles to deliver unique, highly personalised experiences for each customer.


In our new webinar, you’ll benefit from SCL’s experience and expertise in how best to deploy a powerful behavioural marketing platform that enables marketers to take action on customer behaviours in real time, deepen brand loyalty and deliver the perfect customer experience.


We’ll call on leading industry white papers, case studies and examples to show you exactly how you’ll be able to achieve a full 360 degree picture of each and every customer, enabling you to put into place highly targeted marketing to tailored to individuals.

Our webinar will help marketers to discover:

  • How to know their customer by collecting data from a variety of sources, creating a single customer identity using a flexible marketing database.
  • The use of automation to deliver highly personalized customer communications that use behavioural data and convert to action at a higher rate.
  • How to deliver a consistent cross-channel experience to customers.

In short, it will help you design a journey that your customers want to take.

Free eBook for all who Register

We are pleased to offer an IBM Marketing Cloud Silverpop eBook to those who register: ‘The Ultimate Guide to Assessing your Digital Marketing Program’ is a 27 page booklet that’s gives top tips for performing your Marketing Self Assessment. It’s packed with advice, worksheets and related tools to help you get the most out of your Marketing Automation evaluation.

This seminar lasts 45 minutes and is free to attend.  Please register to reserve your place. The e-Book will be sent to you with confirmation of registration.