This Breakfast Briefing will focus on why customers are lost during their online journey and how organisations can use new technology to both macro and micro-identify groups to re-market and personalise the customer experience.

More than ever, managing the customer experience in a multi-device, cross-channel and increasingly mobile world is critical to the bottom line and business success.

SCL will introduce a number of technologies which provide critical visibility, insight and answers to help companies meet online conversion and customer retention objectives. Whether you’re in E-commerce, gaming, retail, insurance, finance or any other industry, we can put into place a leading-edge solution – for digital customer experience management and customer behaviour analysis – tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Customer Experience – An Integrated Approach

  • Increase web and mobile conversion rates

    Segment customer’s behaviour across devices and channels to provide relevant and timely content and product.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention

    Find out what happened, discover why and then take action.

  • Reduce IT and support costs

    Improve cross-channel customer service efficiency and significantly reduce time to resolution.


SCL will be hosting a Breakfast Event on 13 August 2014 at the prestigious Royal Exchange in London EC3V 3LN.  Spaces are limited.  To register to attend please complete the form opposite and will contact you to confirm successful registration.


  • 08.30-08.45: Registration and Breakfast.
  • 08.45-09:15: Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes for business benefit – Scott Logie, Chairman, The Direct Marketing Association (DMA)
  • 09:15-09:45: The art of the possible, how to deliver an exceptional experience?
  • 09:45-10:30: Product previews and demonstrations.
  • 10:30: End of session.