Your users’ mobile app experience is critical and your business depends on it. This webinar shows you how to improve the user experience and reduce mean time to resolution for service outages and crashes.

50% of businesses are losing money on mobile apps. Why?

They don’t build a strong business case for creating/buying apps, establish relevant success criteria, or validate success by measuring app performance. These fundamentals are often overlooked, but critical to a successful mobile program.  Apps are now an integral part of many customer and employee facing business solutions and delivering an exceptional user experience is vital. We’re sure that you will be focussed on delivering the ultimate in mobile app performance in 2016.

The 2015 IBM Mobility Study concluded that 57% of customers will abandon an app that takes more than 3 seconds to load and 30% will abandon a transaction or business process if the experience isn’t optimised. At our webinar, we will show you how SCL’s SaaS  solution will provide you with:

  • Complete visibility into in-app user behaviour and experience
  • Real-time analysis of in-app transactions and business processes
  • The ability to quickly and easily fix crashes and poor performance to eliminate 1 star reviews.

And, we’ll demonstrate how this can be achieved within an overall integrated customer experience strategy.

During this short webinar, we will discuss the 5-Star mobile app experience and show the importance of monitoring every aspect of mobile app performance providing a real-time global view of app and user transaction metrics across iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, HTML 5 or NDK.

The real-time insight provided by our solution will allow you to increase user retention and engagement, and reduce mean time to resolution for service outages and crashes.  SCL’s Mobile App Intelligence SaaS is powered by Apteligent helping you create compelling and profitable user experiences in your business critical mobile apps.

This seminar lasts 45 minutes and is free to attend.  Please register to reserve your place.