In this webinar you’ll learn about the power and capabilities of our Digital Analytics and Engagement services that give you the data needed to attract and re-engage subscribers, produce ‘audit ready’ Publication Active View (PAV) readership reports, measure the success of marketing campaigns, optimise your digital engagement and much more.

The publishing industry seems to be getting closer to finding a digital model that works. The challenge lies in optimally engaging with subscribers and advertisers, who remain key to profitability. At the same time, digital and tablet editions of publications are opening up a whole new world.


Keeping your finger on the pulse of digital publishing is critical. That which means putting into place the means to rapidly access information needed to make vital business decisions.


  • As a Digital Analytics and Customer Engagement solutions provider for over 10 years, SCL’s experts have all the experience you’ll need to help you understand the technology steps towards fully mature personalised marketing in the publishing world.
  • In our webinar you’ll learn about the benefits of our services based on IBM® technology in publishing.
  • Using analytics and optimization techniques, you’ll gain insights into issues with conversion, segmenting subscribers and re-targeting lapsed readers with more personalised marketing and engaging communication.


Tailored specifically for marketing and technology leaders in newspaper and magazine publishing, this webinar will reveal tools and techniques to:

  • Understand how your mobile readers use and engage with your mobile publication on iPad, iPhone, Android etc.
  • Provide evidence to advertising sales teams of which adverts work and which don’t.
  • Provide editors with evidence-based profiles of content popularity.
  • Maximise conversions and up-sell by reaching your readers with messages they actually want to read, by tailoring the timing, context, geo location and placement with their know profiles, past habits and industry best-practice.

All this achieved across multiple platforms, on-line or off-line, with at-a-glance live dashboards to support instant editorial decision making.

This is a free 60 minute webinar.  Please register to reserve your place.