Learn from our 60 minute webinar how real-time information and analytics can transform customer engagement, helping to ensure loaded up shopping carts that don’t get abandoned. And find out more about how you can discover and analyse behaviours and trends to help you prepare omni-channel retail approaches.

Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, Christmas and other holiday periods. Whether peak times or not, the retail industry is hugely competitive in the online space. There’s a vital need for up-to-the minute data across multiple channels to maximise on-line retail performance.


In the aggressive marketing world of retail, the digital and mobile customer experience counts for everything. Learn how digital analytics can help encourage brand engagement and offer opportunities for personalisation that will enhance customer loyalty.

Find out why customers are lost during their online journey and how you can use new technology to both macro and micro-identify groups to re-market and personalise the customer experience.


More than ever, managing the retail customer experience in a multi-device, cross-channel and increasingly mobile world is critical to competitiveness and bottom line success.

SCL experts will explain a number of technologies which provide critical visibility, insight and answers to help meet online conversion and customer retention objectives. We will explain how retailers can put into place a leading-edge solution – for digital customer experience management and customer behaviour analysis.


  • Increase web and mobile conversion rates.
  • Segment customer’s behaviour across devices and channels to provide relevant and timely content and product.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Find out what happened, discover why and then take action.
  • Reduce IT and support costs.
  • Improve cross-channel customer service efficiency and significantly reduce time to resolution.

We count AllBeauty.com, Paddy Power, Silentnight and Villaplus among our customers. Talk to us about how we can help you.

This webinar is free and lasts 60 minutes.  Register now to reserve your place.