Cart / Basket abandonment costs your business. Tackling the issue requires true insights into customer experience and behaviour, so that you can enhance customer loyalty and maximise profitability through your e-business. This 60 minute webinar shows you how technology can improve the on-line customer experience.


In breaking new ground, IBM Tealeaf® Customer Experience Management solutions provide a framework for a comprehensive, data-driven process for evaluating customer experience.

SCL with IBM Tealeaf® solutions enable organisations to deliver a leading-edge customer experience for digital channels by providing deep insight into the interactions of individual customers. That includes awareness of struggle trends, discovery of sources of experience friction and quantified business impact.

These deep insights enable companies to answer the most compelling, yet difficult questions that plague marketing, merchandising, e-commerce and customer service departments. End result? Simple: enhanced customer loyalty and a boost to the bottom line.


  • Deeper insights into customer behaviour on mobile devices for a consistent and holistic customer experience across channels.
  • Customer experience analytics in the cloud for reduced up-front costs and time to deployment.
  • Accelerated customer loyalty with lifecycle analytics to improve conversion rates and uncover anomalies that impact revenue.
  • Optimized value of individual customer visits (web and mobile) and help ensure that more transactions are completed successfully.

This webinar is free and lasts 60 minutes.  Please register to reserve your place.