Launching a new website, performing a technology refresh or launching a new marketing campaign? Are you sure your website won’t fail at the first hurdle? Attend this short, 30 minute webinar to explore some simple steps you can take to mitigate risk and find out how SCL have helped customers such as Comic Relief, Unicef and UCAS ensure they are ready for launch.

If you follow Dragon’s Den, you may have noticed just how many contestant’s websites fail on the night the show airs. They may not get that level of exposure again but if all everyone sees is “Page cannot be displayed”, they probably won’t return.  We never let this happen to our client’s sites, by ensuring that they know the limits and capacity of their technology well in advance of the launch of their new website or marketing campaign that goes ‘viral’.

Thanks to our work Sport Relief, one of the biggest televised campaigns in the UK, was able to cope with 214 donations per second on the night.

We also helped UNICEF launch Soccer Aid and have helped UCAS prepare for the heavy traffic they receive every August as part of the university ‘clearing’ process.

This 30 minute webinar will take you through some of the simple steps you can take to ensure a ‘Campaign Ready’ website.

As part of the webinar we will introduce SCL’s LoadTest Expert testing service which is available either on premise or as a cloud service to ensure your site is ready for prime time.

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