SCL have been helping customers measure their marketing campaigns and understand their customers with world-class technology from our business partners.

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SCL products

  • Customer Experience Analytics

    Learn the "what" and the "why" from your website by visualising complete, cross-channel customer journeys across devices and over time. Know where customers are in their journey and learn how activity in one channel impacts performance in another.

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  • Campaign Automation

    Leverage data from across your marketing ecosystem and create bespoke marketing campaigns and target users with where ever they are in the sales funnel.

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  • Social and Media Analytics

    Analyse and understand your audience with Watson Analytics for Social Media. Create topics and themes that are important to your brand and audience and see the opinions and sentiment through different visualisations that can give you insights for your business.

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  • Google Analytics

    Learn about what is happening on your site and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with Google Analytics. With tight integration with other Google products, many marketers have GA in their toolbox.

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  • Searchforce

    Manage your PPC and Social Media campaigns through Searchforce, this bid management platform a offers a scalable solution that enables you to spend less time making manual adjustments to your paid campaigns, and spend more time focusing on strategy.

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