Searchforce is a paid search and social media ad-management platform for digital marketers.

With it’s powerful bid management and optimisation features SearchForce moves you away from messing about with trivial ad-management and moves you to driving ROI from your paid search activity. Our team of technology experts will onboard your accounts, integrate your data and have you up and running in record time, proactively guiding you to leverage the technology for maximum efficiency and ROI.

  • Bid Management – Optimise bids based on seasonality, data significance, desktop versus mobile performance, time of day patterns and audience segments.
  • Reporting & Revenue Tracking – Standardise all tactical, client facing and management level reports via our proprietary linked dashboard technology.
  • Facebook Dynamic Product Ads – Target your audience with laser precision and maximise mobile performance. Automatically build and optimize ads based on current inventory and product catalogues.
  • Scalable Campaign Creation – Automate the creation of dynamic campaigns at scale with a focus on the automotive, retail, finance and real estate verticals.

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If you need any support running your PPC campaigns, SCL are a Google partner and we can help you with the day to day running of your account.