Re-live your customers experiences by zooming in to see where customers struggled and pinpoint trouble spots. Then replay any session to see exactly what your customer experienced and identify new opportunities to improve the customer experience and refine the journey to deliver more conversions and an exceptional customer experience..

The customer experience capability (formerly Tealaeaf) uniquely supports web, mobile app and hybrid session capture and replay of all sessions with both client and server side data collection.

Session replay

Summarisd session views and detailed session replays provide deep understanding of individual experiences

Eventing and alerting

Struggle detection and behaviour reporting pinpoints where and why experiences are occurring. It’s simple to create events that feed powerful altering engines to make it easy for business analysts and operations to take action.

Site optimisation

Use the powerful analytical capabilities of the solution to uncover usability flaws that cause customers confusion and struggle. Then compare audience segments side-by-side to optimise experience, content and campaigns and if you need to drill contextually into sessions details and other analytics for more detail.