An innovative Web application may be just what your business needs, but it can only deliver on its promise if it performs well in production. Waiting until an application is deployed when your customers and prospects are using it is not the most effective way to measure performance.

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Our LoadTEST Expert service is a, cloud based,  managed load testing service that enables you to identify scalability problems by validating the performance of an application and its underlying Web infrastructure, either before or after the application is deployed. It allows you to validate and have confidence in your applications before your customers do, in a real production environment.

Our experienced consultants use our LoadTEST Expert environment to test Web applications remotely, over the Internet, saving companies the time, costs, and other resources they would need to test their applications them-selves. The combination of expertise and our powerful testing software makes LoadTEST Expert the fastest, most cost effective way to ensure the scalability of Web applications.

Advantages of LoadTEST Expert

Performance testing is a discipline and a science, requiring tools, infrastructure and expertise. Tools and infrastructure carry an acquisition and maintenance cost, and expertise is often difficult to find and when needed very difficult to create from scratch. LoadTEST Expert takes care of these challenges. SCL provides the tooling, infrastructure, and most importantly, expertise to ensure that your application is thoroughly tested even in the most time sensitive of testing windows.

Whether the application is having problems in production and needs help immediately or a new application needs to be fully vetted before deployment, a LoadTEST Expert engagement can help.

We knew the site and online donations would be more popular than in 2012 and wanted to make sure we were ready.We brought in SCL two months ahead of time to ensure our microsite and PayPal donation funnel would stand up to the strain of Match Day.

Digital Producer, UNICEF

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