Our experienced analytics consultants can help in all aspects of your IBM Digital Analytics or Google Analytics deployments; from getting the initial implementation right to analysing meaningful data, which we can help you turn into actionable insight.

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We can show you how to measure your customer’s journey and help you understand what the data within your web analytics software really means. Our range of services is geared to making you aware of what’s going on, helping you maximise the benefit of the technology and ensuring you receive accurate data.

Implementation and Setup

We offer a range of implementation services to help ensure your IBM Digital Analytics or Google Analytics environments are correctly designed and set up. We can advise on your data collection strategy, complete the solution design and work with developers to implement the correct code. Our experts can guide the process and provide full support and training assistance during the analytics implementation.

Reporting and Analysis

All analytics platforms provide a wealth of data about your website and your customers, but in many cases people don’t have the time to investigate the data. We can provide the extra resources to supplement your internal teams, or can prepare reports for you on a monthly basis. We can spend time to identify crucial segments, important trends or conversion issues and feed back into your management reporting cycle.

Optimisation and Integration

We can help you to integrate your web analytics data with other data sources whether they are off-line or online. After all, in the age of big data all data silos should be mined for those elusive actionable insights. Most marketers are adept at using transactional data to segment and communicate with their customers, but less so when it comes to using the behavioural data so readably available in their web analytics reporting profiles. At SCL we help our customers to utilise their web behavioural data for segmentation, re-targeting and single customer view enrichment.

Google Analytics Training

Our hands-on courses will help you implement Google Analytics correctly and get the most from the reporting. We teach you tips and tricks for data collection and how to monitor your online marketing campaigns so that you can effectively use Google Analytics to improve your website. We have both introductory and advanced level training courses on Google Analytics and a course on implementing analytics using Google Tag Manager.

IBM Digital Analytics Training

If you need to skill up on IBM Digital Analytics our courses on that cover the implementation and reporting aspects of the platform are the solution. Our hands-on courses will help you get the most from all of the modules available in IBM Digital Analytics. We teach you the practical tips essential for monitoring your online marketing, funnel reporting, advanced reporting using Explore and data import and export.

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