If you want to get more out of IBM’s Digital Analytics SCL have a team of certified Digital Analytics professional that can help you get extra value out of your web analytics.

IBMs enterprise web analytics platform can provide a great deal of detail and insight into website usage when the resources are available to use the platform on a regular basis. SCL are an IBM partner and have a team of skilled analytics who are certified professions and use the Digital Analytics platform on a daily basis.

What set Digital Analytics out from rival competitors is how the platform can be integrated into other platforms within the IBM ecosystem, or to 3rd party platforms using IBMs UBX. SCL are here to support client teams in all areas of Digital Analytics.

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Services Included in our Consultancy

Advance configuration and implementation

A standard deployment will only capture the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tracking users on your website. By understanding your reporting requirements that span across your business, SCL can generate improved tracking recommendations to capture additional data points that help you to answer those difficult business questions.

Tag audits

Concerned that web analytics data does not tally with your backend data? Use multiple analytics platforms, and are not sure which set of numbers are most accurate? SCL can perform a tag audit to review the setup and data capture from a range of platforms to assess the overall accuracy of the data and make recommendations on how to make improvements to the overall setup.

Tag testing

It is very easy to miss configure tracking when making technical changes such as launching a new check out, deploying a responsive site, or modifying the site template. SCL can work with the development team to ensure that Digital Analytics continues to track correctly and data integrity is maintained.

Report building & automation

SCL can support the creation of custom reports to give you the data you need. If this data feeds into other areas of the business, SCL can work with you and key stakeholders to automate the flow of data from Digital Analytics other endpoints within the business.

Customer Support

We work with Digital Analytics on a daily basis and can generally answer all queries on the first call. All SCL to manage your support and we can eliminate the jargon and get you the help you need with day to day queries on the platform.


If you and the wider team do not have time to learn from the IBM Digital Analytics handbook, SCL can deliver workshop style training courses that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific training needs.


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