Maximise the value of existing traffic by analysing session replays and identifying points of struggle with the help of Watson’s cognitive ability.

IBM Tealeaf CX is on-premises and on cloud software that uses customer experience solutions to capture visitor interactions on websites and mobile applications. It provides extensive visibility into customers’ online experiences and insight into customer behaviours within web and mobile channels. By quickly uncovering areas of friction, teams across an organization can resolve the root cause of issues. IBM Tealeaf CX empowers teams throughout an organization, including e-commerce, marketing, development and design, customer service and compliance administration.

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Analyse Customer Behaviour

  • Increase conversion and revenue

    Visualize exactly what customers viewed in their web and mobile channels and the specific actions they took on each page in near real time, including each click, scroll and mobile gesture.

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  • Detect customer struggle

    Understand why customers succeed or fail with struggle pattern identification and resolve problems with near real-time events and alerts.

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  • Optimize usability

    See how customers interacted on each page through usability analytics, using heat maps, attention maps, link analytics, comparison analytics, form analytics and accessibility analytics.

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  • Resolve issues quicker

    Quantify the revenue impact of each struggle to support data-driven decisioning on where to prioritize resources first.

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Key features


Customer behaviour analysis

Optimize your digital channels by visualizing web and mobile interactions. Improve your online customers’ experience with the quantitative and qualitative data you need to conduct behaviour analysis.

Customer service optimization

Gain insight into call centres and online user sessions; improves communication between your call centre and web operations for more effective customer service in multichannel environments.

Customer experience integrations

Delivers seamless integration with other business applications including business intelligence, web analytics and voice of customer solutions to capture all the data about online customers.

Analyze customer behaviour with usability analytics

Analyze and understand user intention across digital interaction points, such as web and mobile, with heat maps, attention maps, link and form field analytics. Collaborate and quantify customer behaviour data and turn it into real business insights to increase profitable outcomes. Replay actual user sessions at virtually any step in the process and capture single-page views from live sites for further drill-down analysis to see the behaviour of an individual customer.

Use dashboards, scorecards and reports to aggregate data

Aggregate the rich, customer experience dataset into executive-level dashboards, scorecards and reports. Includes a powerful early warning system that makes use of algorithmic discovery to automatically determine your site’s most important struggle sources. Use real-time top movers and drivers dashboards that track thousands of site and customer behaviours to automatically determine the highest-impact problem sources and other factors. Dashboards are completely customizable and configurable.

Improve problem resolution and reduce call handle time

Accelerate customer problem resolution and empower them by describing how to successfully complete a transaction. A simple user interface for more efficient use by customer service representatives, sales associates and marketing personnel. One-click retrieval gives users instant access to both live and historical customer sessions from any existing CRM solution.

Preserve interactions for dispute resolution and fraud

Save customer interactions to maintain reliable records for dispute resolution and support. Records can also be important for fraud, compliance and audit purposes.

Assess your mobile customer experience

Use mobile analytics to gain visibility into your mobile customer experience to deliver more successful mobile products and services. Build and manage an early warning system to detect mobile user problems. Provide proactive awareness into mobile application failures, usability issues on websites, native applications and hybrid applications, including support for HTML5 and responsive web design (RWD).