Campaign automation can make a serious impact when used intelligently as part of a marketing eco-system. Here at SCL, we have a team of consultants who can provide expert knowledge and guidance to new organisations stepping up into an enterprise level marketing platform, or help experienced marketers migrate to a new platform.

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Here is a summary of whats included in the Shape Campaign Automation service:

Template Design Essentials Standard  Premium
Premade Templates
Premade Template Modifications
Bespoke Template Design
Mailing Design
Platform Compatibility
Social Media Sharing
Marketing Tags
Validation of Mailing
Query Building & Segmentation
Smart Triggered Mailings
Mailing Sends (Manual Mailings) 1 Per Month 2 Per Month
 Complex Marketing Programs
Training Workshop 1 Day 2 Days 2 Days
Ad-Hoc Training Support 1Hour Per Month 2 Hours Per Month
Email Deliverability Boost
Ongoing Cleans of New Contacts 1K Per Day 5K Per Day 10K+ Per Day


SMS – Addon Module

Essentials Standard  Premium
SMS Sends Monthly Weekly Daily


Push Notification – Addon Module

Essentials Standard  Premium
Push Notification Sends Monthly Weekly Daily


Template Design

  • Premade Templates – Pick from a list of premade templates for your own use
  • Template Modifications – SCL will update and modify pre-existing templates with up-to-date content and changes
  • Bespoke Template Design – SCL will design and construct your templates for you, allowing you to focus your marketing efforts elsewhere

Mailing Design

  • Platform Compatibility – Make sure your templates can be viewed on every platform and email client around, using WCA’s own Email Insights Application
  • Social Media Sharing – Update your templates with “Click to Share” functionality, giving your contacts the ability to share your content on their chosen Social Media platform
  • Marketing Tags – Verify that all links in your mailing templates contain the correct marketing parameters, dependant on your chosen Web Analytics solution
  • Validation of Mailing – SCL will check that your mailing contains all required components for a successful send
  • Query Building & Segmentation – Refine your contact selection, by querying your database for the most relevant contacts, on a per mailing basis


  • Auto-Responders –  Improve communication with your contacts from the moment of subscription, by enabling Auto-Responders on Opt-In, Preference Change, and Email Replies
  • Smart Triggered Mailings – Go one step further, by automating mailings based on chosen events, such as Birthdays, or anniversaries of joining your marketing database
  • Mailing Sends (Manual Mailings) – SCL will take the pressure of your batch mailing sends, by sending them for you at the specified time
  • Complex Marketing Programs – Create multi-step automated Programs, using specific criteria at each decision step, chosen by you

Training + Support

  • Training Workshop – We will visit your place of work for the listed amount of days, and provide training experience to team members.
  • Training Support – Weeks and months after the onsite training course, team members may need help to perform certain tasks or need their memory to be jogged from time to time. This is where training support will help team members in their day to day tasks. This time came be drawn upon on an ad-hoc basis when it is needed.

Email Deliverability Boost

SCL can further improve the deliverability of your email campaigns with our email deliverability boost service to cleans new subscribers on a daily basis, to avoid the risk of reputation damage due to sending to invalid or unsafe email addresses. We offer multiple pricing options depending on the size and rate growth of your marketing database.

Push and SMS – Manual Sends

Similar to standard Mailings, WCA has an SMS and Push message offering. SCL will take care of your sends from these channels, dependant on the chosen package.

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