Customer Experience Analytics from the IBM Watson Marketing hosts a range of capabilities, and in the right hands can supercharge your customer insights

SCL have designed the “Understand Customer Experiences” package to help you and your organisation get the most out of Watson Customer Experience Analytics.  We understand your need to gain customer insights and to learn about the whats and whys.

Whether you would like us to drive the reporting and analysis, or you would like us to support your internal teams, we can provide varying levels of consultation to suit your organisational needs.

To learn more about the platform, visit our Customer Experience Analytics product page.

Here are the key features of our service offering:

Expert Consultation Essentials Standard Premium
Best Practice Advice
Ad-Hoc Project Support 1 Day Per Month 2 Days Per Month 4 Days Per Month
Change Requests
UBX – Partner End Points
UBX – Custom End Points 1 2 4
Behaviour Analytics – Additional Metrics, Dimension, Events 5 20 50
Web Analytics – Additional Tag Deployments 5 10 20
Managed Deployment Via a TMS (Optional)
No of Reports 15 30 100
Tag Audits
No of Audits 2 6 12

Training will be provided as part of the ***WCXA Deployment Service***, and we can also provide additional training as part of the ongoing “Understand Customer Experience” package. This can be used to train additional team members or to serve as a refresher course to make sure you are using all of the features of the platform.

Training  Essentials  Standard  Premium
Training Workshop 1 Day 2 Days 2 Days
Surgery Calls 1 Hour Per Quarter 1 Hour Per Month 2 Hours Per Month


Expert Consultation

SCL will work with you to understand your goals and all important KPIs, we can then advise you on best practice and help you with internal projects.

Examples of Ad-Hoc Projects

  • Report automation
  • Data integration with internal or 3rd party systems
  • Scoping of additional reporting requirements

Change Requests

Over time your reporting requirements will evolve as your organisation begins to see the potential in the platform.  SCL can support the growing need for advance reporting by either managing the deployment process via a Tag Manger, or we can instruct developers on the required changes.


SCL will work with you and team members to set up a number of custom reports. You can get a lot of value from the pre-built reports, however, the real power of CXA comes from the ability to create custom reports to measure your business-critical KPIs and more.

Tag Audits

SCL offers a range of tags audits as we thoroughly believe in the pursuit improving and maintaining the quality of data.

Our audits can include but are not limited to:

  • Web Analytics Tag Audit
  • Data Layer Review
  • PII Collection Audit
  • GDPR Tag Audit

SCL can offer varying levels of tag audits to ensure that all your marketing decisions are based on the best data possible.

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