Only the media – and those cynics on Twitter – love it when your website crashes, when you’re hacked or when your systems go down.

In this age of transparency, you have to know that your site can stand up to a sudden influx of traffic or that your web applications can stand up to hackers. We give you peace of mind and smoother software performance whilst preventing disasters before they even occur.

What Do You Need To Predict?

  • Predict Risk & Defects

    You’re under pressure to deliver more and more digital products faster and cheaper. By testing early and often, we’ll help you ship high quality, secure software to deadline, with zero defects.

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  • Predict Performance Issues

    Whether you’re launching a new campaign, website or connected device, we’ll help you predict and fix glitches, ensuring a smooth performance on launch day.

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  • Predict The Impact Of Change

    If you need to predict how your system architecture will behave, we’ll help you to remove the guesswork and fix the issues, making your software far easier to maintain.

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The Blog

Identifying Race Condition CWE-362 Error Messages using Codesonar

The first in a series of how Codesonar can be used to identify code quality issues such as Race Conditions covered by CWE 362 error messages. The article gives a code example of a race condition and explores how Codesonar presents the issue.


Takes Place on:
20/02/2018 at 11:00

Defects and Vulnerabilities – Analysing third party binaries

This webinar explores the difficulty facing all static analysis tools that need to analyse third party or external modules that are unavailable in source code form.

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Testwell CTC++ 8 Minute Video

Watch this short video for an introduction to TestWell CTC++.

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