As a developer, you’re forced to work faster than ever. But without thorough testing, code defects can pop up when you least expect them. At which point, they’re expensive to fix, your original team may have moved on and in today’s connected world, they can be catastrophic for your business.

Adopt a zero defect strategy

Code reviews will always find some errors but how do you ensure the whole code base is tested? Can you be sure you’ve picked up critical defects on host and target systems? In the age of the Internet of Things, ensuring your code is bug-free and 100% secure has never been more important.

We’ve done the testing for you

You don’t always have the luxury of time for thorough testing and so you certainly don’t have the opportunity to try different testing solutions either. This is why, over the past decade, we’ve invested considerable resources in testing the best tools on the market.

As a result, we now partner with Grammatech, using their unrivalled CodeSonar software, to predict early on how your code will behave. This is – by far – the best solution we’ve ever found for finding critical coding defects with a low false positive rate. It is also one of the only commercially available tools on the market that offers binary analysis.

We also use VerifySoft Testwell software for determining test coverage across a breadth of target systems to meet a wide range of industry standards and documentation.

Our expertise even led one past client to hire us on the spot because, despite the fact they had done extensive code reviews and testing, we “helped find in minutes, what would have taken us years”.

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CodeSonar has allowed us to significantly reduce bug-related problems and improve the overall quality of our devices.

Deputy General Manager, Actia

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Giving you peace of mind

Our expertise has already helped many customers, such as Philips Medical, Schneider Electric and Actia predict defects and unwanted behaviour early in the development process, de-risking projects and reducing time to market. We’d love to help you do the same.


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