As a Software Architect or Tester, you know how important it is to predict how your system architecture will behave. Over time, bad dependencies can creep in and it can be hard to understand how future changes will impact the whole system. We’re here to remove the guesswork and fix the issues, making your software far easier to manage.

Too many unknowns and unanswered questions?

Over time, the implementation of software can deviate from its original architecture, introducing dependencies that are tricky to unpick and leaving the system unstable. You’re left guessing on the state of the code and the quality of implementation: Will making changes to a module in your application affect the intended architecture? How easy is it to add capabilities? Can part of the application be re-factored to improve maintainability?

Let’s eliminate the guesswork…

For over a decade, we’ve been using Lattix and Oracle software to eliminate the guesswork for our clients. Firstly, we create accurate system blueprints that allow you to see the impact, risks and costs of proposed software changes. This detailed level of visualization has been invaluable to our client’s development and QA teams.

We can also help you fix and prevent bad dependencies to increase the overall quality of your system; maximizing your time, money and resources.

Cost effectively test any changes

As a software tester, you will want to ensure any changes to the system are thoroughly regression tested to ensure desired functionality. We work with Oracle’s Functional Testing and Test Management software to test the functionality of web, web services and Oracle applications such as JD Edwards and Oracle e-business. We’ve specifically chosen Oracle because we have found this to be the most flexible and cost effective tool for our customers.

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An Oracle OpenScript Tutorial

OpenScript is part of Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) and allows the tester, or any other individual interested in performing tests for web environments and Oracle applications, to record workflows and user actions while using that website. In this tutorial I’m showing how to record a realistic use case scenario and replay it for as many iterations as we like using data fetched from a ‘databank’.


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