It doesn’t matter whether you’re a technologist or a marketer, you want your products and services to reach and delight the right people.

Once you’ve successfully launched your product, put it through its paces and ironed out the user experience issues, we’re here to help you attract and engage more customers.

By pulling together your data, honing your search marketing and automating personalised experiences, we’ll help you to drive loyalty, sales and smiles.

What do you need to shape?

  • Shape Search Traffic

    Can you improve your rankings and get more from your PPC campaigns? We’ll help you shape search traffic to attract more of the right customers and drive more revenue.

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  • Shape buying behaviour

    From recommendations to retargeting, you can turn your behavioural insights into automated, relevant actions that retain your hard-won customers and increase their value.

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  • Shape Personalisation

    With a 360 degree view of all marketing channels and your customer’s behaviour, you’ll be able to reach out with the right messages, in the right places, at the right times.

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The Blog

Using DDX API and Postman to test IBM Digital Analytics data

Validate test scenario steps with the data recorded and stored by the platform used for reporting, segmentation and re-targeting. A step-by-step guide on how to use DDX API and Postman to test IBM Digital Analytics data.


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Making sense of cognitive marketing

In this webinar recording we discuss some of the background to ‘cognitive marketing’ and how it is being translated into product features.

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