The modern customer expects the brands they care about, to care about them in return. But only 37% of customers feel that their favourite retailer understands them.

In the same vein, 88% of brands believe growth is dependent on a personalised experience, but only 37% have the tools to deliver it. Your customers want to feel understood. You want to make them feel valued with personalised experiences and plenty of reasons to return. We’re here to help you.

Make it personal

As IBM’s leading Digital Analytics partner in the UK, we can help you pull all your data together so you can get the single customer view and mine rich behavioural insights.

Our goal is to power a truly personalised brand experience across all channels. We can also help you automate the individual touches your customers just expect from you; helping you rise above the noise and power those personalised experiences by default.

Coupled with the experience, professionalism and on-going support provided by the team at SCL, we knew we had a winning formula.

Helene Cameron-Heslop, Product Data Analyst, Auto-Trader

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Have one-to-one conversations

Great relationships start with great conversations, so we call on our rich technical heritage to help you talk to the right people in the right way, every single time. We’ll help you reach out with targeted, personalised messages and interactions across email, push, in-app message and other inbound and outbound channels such as call centres or direct mail.

We’ll also help prevent gaffs such as emails to customers who abandoned their basket but ordered through the call centre. We want to make sure then when you convert a new customer, you keep on delighting them.

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