How are people interacting with your brand? Which version of your data can you trust? Where are they struggling? Why are customers abandoning their journey, and which are the most profitable? You can never know enough about your customers’ behaviour, but a fragmented view or knowing too little can be costly.

Our goal is to give you a clear picture of your marketing effectiveness, the behaviour and experience of your customer and prospects throughout the customer journey so that you can correct mistakes, fine tune what’s working and shape customer interactions to drive your success.

We can help bridge the gap between developers and marketers, growing your understanding with reliable and quantifiable results, so you can sharpen your strategy and improve your products.

What Do You Need To Understand?

  • Understand Your Customer

    It’s impossible to understand your customer when your behavioural data is stored here, there and everywhere. We’ll help you make sense of your customers interactions and experience and uncover actionable insight you can use to drive more effective marketing.

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  • Understand UX Issues

    Maintaining an exceptional customer experience is too important to leave to chance. We help you monitor your user experience 24/7 so you can quickly resolve issues as they occur and before your customers blame and shame you on social media.

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  • Understand Marketing Impact

    Which channels drive the highest returns? Which campaigns do customers connect with most? What are the most profitable customer journey? Get answers and maximise your results with powerful attribution modelling of the entire customer journey.

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The Blog

Enabling Cross Domain Tracking Using Javascript

Background Digital Analytics or equivalent web analytics software functions by storing a cookie in the user’s browser. The cookie stays in the browser whilst on the same domain as the cookie specifies, but once the domain is changed, the cookie is lost. To enable tracking across domains, this cookie must be carried with the user,…


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17/01/2018 at 09:00

An introduction to Web Analytics using IBM Digital Analytics

Attend this free, one day, web analytics training class at our offices to get the most from your IBM Digital Analytics solution.

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Making sense of cognitive marketing

In this webinar recording we discuss some of the background to ‘cognitive marketing’ and how it is being translated into product features.

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