Did those high-value customers contact your call centre because they found you on Google? Did they click on a banner ad? Or see your advert on TV? The real answer is probably a mixture of all three. Which is where many attribution models, such as ‘first click’ or ‘last click’ attribution, can fall short.

Rather than leave you guessing on the best mix of channels and the best use of budgets, we give you a crystal clear picture of the whole user journey.

Aim. Then Fire.

For a true understanding of the effectiveness of your marketing and the right channel mix, you need to see how each customer engages across multiple touch points, channels and devices.

Working with IBM Analytics technology, we can help you identify each customer as an individual, tracking them from their initial website research all the way through to that final order. The end goal is a new understanding of the most effective mix of channels.

This is absolutely crucial if you’re pressured to reduce the cost of acquisition and improve the return on your marketing spend.

We could not have achieved these results without SCL’s help. The expertise, guidance and hands-on training we received from the team not only allowed us to achieve greater value and better understand our IBM Digital Analytics implementation, but has helped us to better understand and engage with our customers. We will certainly engage SCL’s services again in future.

Alejandro Hidalgo Of Villa Plus

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A sunny outlook for Villa Plus

When Villa Plus launched a new TV advertising campaign, they wanted to accurately measure its ROI. We helped them develop an attribution model and trained their team in deploying it. As a result, the luxury holiday company has been able to track and increase the effectiveness of their marketing, resulting in an incredible 95% increase in traffic and 36% uplift in revenue.

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An introduction to Web Analytics using IBM Digital Analytics

Attend this free, one day, web analytics training class at our offices to get the most from your IBM Digital Analytics solution.

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